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The environmentalist threat to the planet.

March 23, 2014

Special Report

Choosing Fish Over Farmers

By George Neumayr – 2.19.14

Climate change ranks as one of the greatest threats to civilization, according to Secretary of State John Kerry. His recent doomsday speech in Indonesia put weather in the same category of menace as terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. The speech reached levels of alarmism that would have made Al Gore proud. Kerry had “half of Jakarta underwater” by the end of this century.

The claim of catastrophic, man-generated climate change is as factually certain as the law of gravity, said Kerry. Yet he provided no evidence for what he calls an easily demonstrated fact. He simply made appeals to the authority of the scientific priesthood: “When 97 percent of scientists agree on anything, we need to listen, and we need to respond.” Of course, that 97 percent figure isn’t scientific. That Kerry would fall back on this propaganda reveals what constitutes a fact in his mind.

After itemizing the apocalyptic consequences of failing to treat catastrophic climate change as a certainty, Kerry let drop that his case could serve in the end as a noble lie. Even if we are wrong, he said, we are right, since all the huffing and puffing will have stimulated cleaner living.

“If the worst-case scenario about climate change, all the worst predictions, if they never materialize, what will be the harm that is done from having made the decision to respond to it? We would actually leave our air cleaner,” he said. “We would leave our water cleaner. We would actually make our food supply more secure. Our populations would be healthier because of fewer particulates of pollution in the air — less cost to health care. Those are the things that would happen if we happen to be wrong and we responded.”

He didn’t bother to mention the other consequences: ruined economics, untold job losses, soaring energy prices, draconian population policies, the growth of world government, crippling regulation. Kerry wants all the polices of countries revamped on the basis of climate-change conjecture, and yet sees no “harm” from this revolution should the alarmism prove false. That captures the dilettantish recklessness of environmentalism.

The policy-making of environmentalists poses a far greater threat to humans than climate change itself. The costs of bad weather are minor compared to the costs of bad government.

Environmentalists are willing to deform economies on the basis of a guess and for the sake of solutions they know can’t possibly work. Kerry acknowledged that if America upended its economy to reduce carbon emissions it still wouldn’t make a dent in the problem, unless, he implied, a world government existed to regulate every country’s emissions (incoherence in the original):

Even if every single American got on a bicycle tomorrow and carpooled — instead of — or carpooled to school instead of buses or riding in individual cars or driving, or rode their bike to work, or used only solar powers — panels in order to power their homes; if we each, every American, planted a dozen trees; if we eliminated all of our domestic greenhouse gas emissions — guess what? That still wouldn’t be enough to counter the carbon pollution coming from the rest of the world. Because today, if even one or two economies neglects to respond to this threat, it can counter, erase all of the good work that the rest of the world has done. When I say we need a global solution, I mean we need a global solution.

And for whom would this environmentalist world government act? Not man. The environmentalist love of nature excludes human nature. A hostility to normal human activity is almost always contained in environmentalist pronouncements, as if the planet is to be saved not for farmers but for fishes. Environmentalists dream of, as the title of one recent green bestseller put it, “A World Without Us.”

While Kerry was fretting over the fish of the Far East — “cod or sardines can no longer live where they once lived” — Barack Obama appeared in California to blame its drought on global warming, without acknowledging to baffled farmers his own administration’s role in heightening it. Obama’s EPA has prioritized fish over farmers since 2008, supporting a decree that has required billions of gallons of water from Sacramento-area mountains be diverted from farm lands to the ocean lest a tiny fish called “delta smelt” suffer imperfect conditions.

Now having bankrupted farmers through this policy, Obama has generously made them “eligible for emergency loans.” California farmers have long been familiar with droughts. Much of the state is a desert that irrigation made fertile. What they didn’t anticipate was a destructive power greater than mother nature — big government under the merciless religion of environmentalism.
All the gnashing of teeth over this climate change nonsense proves how unserious and narcissistic the Left really is. They have to find something—anything—to whine about and protest against. But they make certain their complaints are petty. Truly important matters discombobulate them and are ignored. Nuclear proliferation in the Third World? Meaningless. Genocide of Christians in the Sudan? Boring. Continued binge-spending and a national debt light years long? Why stress over trivialities? But the temperature climbing a degree in the Antarctic, from thirty below zero to twenty-nine, now that is cause for weeping and wailing and sackcloth and ashes. Chicken Little is the Left’s patron saint.

Now having bankrupted farmers through this policy, Obama has generously made them “eligible for emergency loans.” …….does this sound familiar, in the 80’s when the government told the farmers that they needed to grow grain on their empty fields because the world needed it…then gave “emergency loans” to buy equipment. After 5 years the government manipulated the grain market and the price of grain fell. The poor farmers couldn’t pay on that emergency loan that used the farmers land for a guarantee. In the end the Feds stepped in to shut the local banks down and confiscated the farmers land.

history repeats itself…………always..


What are you even talking about? Nukes. Genocide. Holocausts. Economic Catastrophe. You sound like one a them Right Wing Nut Jobs who’s always trying to rile the Rednecks up.

What is Action towards these problems, compared to eloquent Speeches and Pleas im front of adoring sycophants and like minded people who, also, haven’t had a REAL JOB in their lives.

What are Bullets and Bombs, compared to Serious Discussions over the Menu for the upcoming Meeting to decide on the Seating Arrangement and the Height of everyone’s table, for the impending 5 Party Negotiations on the wording of all future Resolutions concerning Menus, Chairs, and Tables.

THAT is what passes for important, in the minds of the Mindless Ones whom (unfortunately for everyone on the Planet) are in Positions of Power all over the world.

Al Adab
The neo-pagan idolatry and Faith of Environmentalists, as opposed to Conservationism, allows ideology rather than good practice to drive policy decisions. It becomes then simply another vehicle for centralization and control which is the underlying desire of those self appointed elites who wish to demonstrate their superiority over all the poor benighted plebs who just don’t know what is best for them.

All hail the “professional” governing class, the mandarins we might say, who operate the agencies of government and control our lives and fortunes without our consent. If consent of the governed is to have any meaning in the future, the elimination of central planning bureaucracies and professional elitism is essential. It is one of the great errors stemming from the Progressive era to create a professional governing class. We can end that experiment and return to self government.

To see the ramifications of a “professional governing class”, one need only look to China. I am not only talking about the Chinese Communist Party. As far back as the 14th Century, China had installed such a class who were trained from grade school to be the professional governing class. All initiative, scientific progress, and societal advancement ceased. They became an easy prey to whomever came along; their society stratified; they withdrew from the outside world. Freedom of thought and action became things of the past, and they have yet to break out of that mold. The Progressives love that scenario, as it provides that they will be the ones in charge. All will be equal, but the professional governing class will be more equal than the others.


“When 97 percent of scientists agree on anything, we need to listen, and we need to respond.” Of course, that 97 percent figure isn’t scientific. That Kerry would fall back on this propaganda reveals what constitutes a fact in his mind.”

The fact are thus: When the Former Senator from Massachusetts (who had his $15,000,000 yacht built in New Zealand where there are NO Unions, and as a result: No Union Scale to pay, like there would be back in the Masshole State, and Docks it in Rhode Island so as to avoid the High State Docking Fees that he undoubtably Supported when they were proposed) touts his 97% of Scientists BIG LIE? He fails to mention that 90% of his 97% geek pool of “Scientists” are Academic Social Scientists, who wouldn’t know a Thermometer if you stuck it between their cheeks. They’d probably think it was the Paper Boy they’ve been molesting.

This isn’t going to get better. You know that, right?

On this side of the Pond, everything is happening just as Orwell predicted. Just a few years later than he thought. There’s no longer any definition for the word: TRUTH. Or, most other words. No longer is a Welfare Check or an Unemployment Check, something to avoid at all costs. Now, it’s a vehicle for Freedom of Expression, and a chance to Get Away, and take it easy. Be creative! After all……you deserve it. And, the guy next door who’s puttin in 60 hours a week will pay for it.

Getting Pregnant at 15, no longer means that Susie gets sent away to an Aunt’s house, in Buffalo. Now, she gets a Television Show and has her Picture in the Tabloids. The guy that put the Duck in Susie’s Oven is never pressed to “Do the right thing”. Heavens no. Plus, he’s too busy imitating half of the Jets Receiving Corps’ prowess at making single parent households, to do anything even resembling: The right thing.

We’ve gone from: President I cannot tell a Lie, to President LIE OF THE YEAR.

Every number is a Lie.
Every spokesperson for President Lie of the Year is a Pathological Liar.
All of the MSM is in the Tank for President Lie of the Year.
None of our “Friends” TRUST US, and None of our “Enemies” FEAR US.
Our Military Ranks have NEVER been this demoralized in my lifetime. And that includes Vietnam.

And, that’s just This Side of the Pond.

On the other Side?

Everything that JOHN OF PATMOS foresaw, is coming to pass.

yet it was reported that californication years ago built a series of reservoirs that could sustain the state through 5 years of drought, but the enviro idiots along with wacko judges, drained those reservoirs to save an insignificant fish.

Meanwhile the dictator and mr Theresa continue to prove when they know nothing, they will believe anything.

And while alldull at least took 2 basic science classes at hahvad where he got C’s in both, the only reference to the diktator’s education is the art history class he took in high school.

But then he brags he is always the smartest person in any room he enters which says very little about those he has around him

Kate Shaw
“Most of [California] is a desert that irrigation made fertile.” Absolutely true, and also true in Arizona, as anyone who actually lives there (or more likely, has moved there) can tell you. California and Arizona are people in ice skates standing on rocking chairs, and it won’t take much to tip them over the edge; Obama and Jean Francois Kerry are the guys grabbing the back of the chair and shocked at what the result proves to be. The only answer is to turf The Kidz out of office and repopulate the country with adults. Now the real question becomes, “Where are the adults?”

Adjoran • 4 days ago

In the year 2114, should the Republic survive, Americans will look back upon the follies of our age – environmental extremism, the Endangered Species Act, the oppressive “diversity” movement, “ethnic and gender studies” departments at universities, disparaging the legacy of Western Civilization, “climate change” fearmongering, Barack Obama, and the rest – and ask, “What on Earth were they thinking?”

I suspect they will settle upon mass hysteria as the explanation.


The photo speaks volumes. This is probably the first time Boxer and Feinstein have been to the Valley in ages. They hate the people of the Central Valley and have done everything in their power to make life difficult for them. Boxer would rather seem people starve or go on welfare and boil in summer heat than hurt some bait fish in the Delta. Feinstein as well. These two evil women have ignored California’s water problem for years. And their solution? Just hand out money until the next rain will come. No talk of storage or dams or putting people over bait fish. The coastal elites have run this State for the past 20 years and are quickly killing it. Boxer lives in Rancho Mirage. I bet she has her A/C on full blast when she’s there, while demonizing people in Bakersfield who have to live in 105 degree heat in the summer.

Bob K.
It’s all about selling Carbon Taxes as camouflage for a world “Value Added Tax” that is needed to continue funding socialist agendas.

In my lifetime I have never seen the media so bent on lying, slanting, and distorting the truth when it comes to the temperature of the earth. There is no man made global warming. Mankind is like a flea on the ass of an elephant. We are inconsequential. The media needs to stop sucking down the kool ade and start telling the truth. I’ve always wondered how far down a liberal can bend at the waist when speaking of the Kenyan born imposter?


Read my book. It illustrates the life we will have when the cure for global warming is in force.

When one understands that the environmentalism is a cult of death then all those Eco-Nazi actions become clear, and that’s why I call the environmentalists Eco-Nazis. Their final aim is to reduce the world population of 6.5 billion souls down to he “sustainable’ level of 1.5 billion – with them in charge of that necessary reduction.


He flew to Florida for an afternoon of golf with a celebrity. Then he flies to California to golf on a course that must use millions of gallons of water to keep the grass green. Not far away millions of acres of farmland have dried up so the delta smelt can get the diverted water, which then goes into the Pacific Ocean.

How much do we taxpayers spend on Obama’s flights to play golf? How much carbon dioxide is released by his fleet of planes? Why are the delta smelt more deserving of water than American farmers? What will the farmers be able to do with Obama’s federal loans? They can’t buy water.

CforUS donobrien
The golf courses he played at account for 17% of the water consumption in the Coachella Valley. Is his staff stupid, or do they just don’t care about what they doing (or are percieved doing)?


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