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Multiple Big Bangs in an Infinite Universe

March 30, 2014

John Nash commented:

“There is one thing I don’t understand about the Big Bang. When the bang occurred, it sent the atoms that make up the universe flying away from the bang….and the universe is still expanding. Ergo, there should be a void at the center of things where the Bang occurred. I think of it as sort of a three dimensional doughnut, including a three dimensional doughnut hole void. If this is the case, why is it never talked about? The closest thing I have heard about is the north sky, which has very little in it.??”   ~   ~   ~

It’s worse than that. Other fundamental things are never talked about, like how is it possible for two galaxies to collide? they say that in a billion years or so the Milky Way will combine with Andromeda. ??? How, when they are both flying away from each other and their center origin?
With the big bang theory, nothing the size of galaxies would ever be moving toward each other. Only planets and moons strongly bumped by other bodies could move in paths not dictated by revolving paths or the original trajectory resulting from the big bang propulsion.

But worse is the “light from the beginning of the universe just now reaching us after 13 billion years.” How does any child with a brain not understand that at the speed that light travels, all of the light from the earlier eras of the universe left the universe billions of years ago far, far, far ahead of the slow moving matter of the universe (hydogen mostly)? How could it only now be seen by us arriving from such a great distance of space and time, -as if our neck of the universe was sitting here all along just waiting for it to arrive as if we weren’t part of the big band nor was our galaxy having to travel at the slow speed of matter as it slowly expanded?

How in the world do astronomers live with such a bald-face contradiction of their central belief? Our galaxy did not fly out into empty space AHEAD of and faster than the light of the early universe. You have to be an idiot to think such a thing, and yet they seemingly do, or are capable of not thinking at all.

I suspect that big bangs have happened repeatedly. If it can happen once, it can happen twice, thrice, etc. What evidence is there that it only happened once? No doubt none.

Like I said before, a big bang event could conceivably happen when a super, super black hole in a companion dimension reached a critical threshold that dissolved the barriers between the dimensions, with the matter of the black hole jetting into another dimension like a pressure cooker blowing its rubber grommet out when the pressure got too high.

Then a new mini-universe is born in another dimension, being a part of the greater universe already existing in that dimension. It’s elementary. Big bang events are simply giant cosmic farts.

But am I really the only person suggesting such a thing? Why isn’t it a major theory of the astronomy community? Maybe it is but is being suppressed in order to maintain a wall of solidarity for appearances sake. You can’t have the sheep of the public think that the scientific community is not composed of intellectual gods who all agree on fundamental things.


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