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Comments re: Understanding God’s Existence

October 13, 2016

Understanding God’s Existence


That something that obeys the laws of physics will happen is, by definition, infinitely more probable then that something that does not obey the laws of physics will happen. You are just making stuff up.

RON wrote:

Not if the Being who spoke lives in a Realm with no physics. God created the Heavens and earth, but he doesn’t live in a realm of cause and effect, so He had no need of being created. Those “Quantum Fluctuations” are what ? Lets see: They are a set of Laws or forces or Laws of Nature = Quantum Fluctuations

They are:

1. Not Pysical
2. Act on the Physical
3. Created the Physical from nothing
4. Predates the Universe

Now who does that sound like ? Well the God of the Bible of course,

1. God is a Spirit
2. God acts on the Physical
3. God said, let there be light
4. God is Eternal

John Faulkner–RON
Where did you learn that this is what happened? Was there any evidence?

Quantum fluctuations are physical, obviously, they are fluctuations in the energy density of a field, They are just not stable enough to become particles. Particles are not created from nothing, they are the stabilized form of a quantum fluctuation.

The rest of your logic falls at the feet of reason. A being cannot exist in a realm without physics. There is certainly no evidence for such a being, and therefore no reason for you to suggest such a thing is true. Such a being, if they existed, could not affect anything, because there is no mechanism by which magic can do work. Such a being cannot speak without a mouth.

RON John Faulkner
No they are not, because they are not seen. “They” are God. Sure a being can exist that way, God does.

God exists in timeless eternity

How does God acting before time began get around the problem of God’s creation ? There are two possible interpretations of these verses. One is that God exists outside of time. Since we live in a universe of cause and effect, we naturally assume that this is the only way in which any kind of existence can function. However, the premise is false. Without the dimension of time, there is no cause and effect, and all things that could exist in such a realm would have no need of being caused, but would have always existed. Therefore, God has no need of being created, but, in fact, created the time dimension of our universe specifically for a reason – so that cause and effect would exist for us.

However, since God created time, cause and effect would never apply to His existence.Beyond the Cosmos: What Recent Discoveries in Astrophysics Reveal about the Glory and Love of God

God exists in multiple dimensions of time

The second interpretation is that God exists in more than one dimension of time. Things that exist in one dimension of time are restricted to time’s arrow and are confined to cause and effect. However, two dimensions of time form a plane of time, which has no beginning and no end and is not restricted to any single direction. A being that exists in at least two dimensions of time can travel anywhere in time and yet never had a beginning, since a plane of time has no starting point. Either interpretation leads one to the conclusion that God has no need of having been created.

Why can’t the universe be eternal ?

The idea that God can be eternal leads us to the idea that maybe the universe is eternal, and, therefore, God doesn’t need to exist at all. Actually, this was the prevalent belief of atheists before the observational data of the 20th century strongly refuted the idea that the universe was eternal. This fact presented a big dilemma for atheists, since a non-eternal universe implied that it must have been caused. Maybe Genesis 1:1 was correct! Not to be dismayed by the facts, atheists have invented some metaphysical “science” that attempts to explain away the existence of God. Hence, most atheistic cosmologists believe that we see only the visible part of a much larger “multiverse” that randomly spews out universes with different physical parameters.

Since there is no evidence supporting this idea (nor can there be, according to the laws of the universe), it is really just a substitute “god” for atheists. And, since this “god” is non-intelligent by definition, it requires a complex hypothesis, which would be ruled out if we use Occam’s razor, which states that one should use the simplest logical explanation for any phenomenon. Purposeful intelligent design of the universe makes much more sense, especially based upon what we know about the design of the universe.

What does science say about time?

When Stephen Hawking, George Ellis, and Roger Penrose extended the equations for general relativity to include space and time, the results showed that time has a beginning – at the moment of creation (i.e., the Big Bang). In fact, if you examine university websites, you will find that many professors make such a claim – that the universe had a beginning and that this beginning marked the beginning of time (see The Universe is Not Eternal, But Had A Beginning). Such assertions support the Bible’s claim that time began at the creation of the universe.

God has no need to have been created, since He exists either outside time (where cause and effect do not operate) or within multiple dimensions of time (such that there is no beginning of God’s plane of time). Hence God is eternal, having never been created. Although it is possible that the universe itself is eternal, eliminating the need for its creation, observational evidence contradicts this hypothesis, since the universe began to exist a finite ~13.8 billion years ago. The only possible escape for the atheist is the invention of a kind of super universe, which can never be confirmed experimentally (hence it would be metaphysical in nature, and not scientific).

Earth May Be a 1-in-700-Quintillion Kind of Place


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