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The Origin and Nature of Mankind

May 22, 2018

The Origin and Nature of Mankind

Odds are good that when you look at the population of a land, you see that its people came from some much older land, the pattern of history being a pattern of migration.
If the people who explored and migrated were a warrior culture, then they conquered the native people and became their rulers even if those people were culturally superior.

The pattern of such a history indicates that as a rule, conquest and domination were what inspired and drove the motivation of all such mixtures of cultures. It appears that there is something in men that, when feeling empowered, compels them to envy the accomplishments of other peoples, and to lust to dominate other peoples who are not members of the conquering club. That tendency is more than an occasionally appearing thing. It is the primary thing. That indicates that the psychology of man, or men, has an undetectable drive which is expressed whenever a ruler and his loyal subjects feel empowered. Think Napoleon, Hitler, etc.

That perennial fact of history shows that men have an innate tendency toward self-elevation over others, which, in the United States, is the only explanation for the pain that the southern States were willing to suffer in order to preserve their racial superiority over descendants of Africans.
So deep is the drive to feel superior, and so great have been the lengths that men have gone to in order to assert their superiority, that one cannot but assume that such a trait is ingrained. That means it is passed on from parents to children in perpetuity, just like genetic traits, only it is above physical genetic traits. It is a genetically inherited spiritual trait.
Just as all features of individuals are not carried in the DNA but also in the epigenes which are located on the surface of the DNA molecules, so spiritual / personality traits are like epigenes that are in addition to biological genetics.

That tendency of men to dominate others and feel superior is a trait that can be traced back to the origin of human nature, almost. The original template of humanity was not tainted with such a self-serving nature, but it became infected with it due to spiritual influences that altered the spiritual epigenetic code, just as an individual’s behavior can alter their own epigenetic code which then is replicated in reproductive cells and thus passed on to subsequent generations even though it is something that is in effect a defect, a deficiency, an aberration, a flaw.

The introduction of such a flaw of character was the result of the spirit of Self possessing the thought process (and character) of the Archangel Lucifer.
His subjects in the kingdom that he ruled began to take their cues from his new personality, and the idea of domination of lesser beings became ingrained into their thinking, as it was in his, -and that thinking became so deeply ingrained that it formed an epigenetic type of element in their makeup which was eventually passed on to their children directly, -not just culturally.

When, in time, those children migrated to Earth after their society had reached an exceeding advanced stage, their tendency was not to selflessly assist the lesser sentient beings of Earth to advance as they had, but to make themselves gods and dominate all those within the reach of their power.
They came to Earth with or without female companions, but they found that human females were, in appearance, equal or superior to their own females. With both humans and Luciferians having the same creator and creation origin, they were biologically compatible. Thus the children that were born to them inherited their innate predilection to be the top dog or to serve the top dog. To be number one.

That explains almost the whole of human history in regard to migration, expansion, and conquest. It was all about domination. Consider the Mongol hords, the powerful reason for the Great Wall of China…a people who lived and breathed for only one thing: to conquer and dominate other people.

Thus the history of Mankind is the history of the promulgation of Self via power and its dominance. That is the actual explanation for the “Fall” of mankind. It was genetic. The genetic code was infected with a spiritual nature that was self-centered, and worse, corrupt because Self has no pangs of conscience about being corrupt, about being upright, open, and honest, -about NOT lying, stealing, killing, enslaving, and dominating all others who are not a member of the inner circle, and even some who are.
The history of monarchies is littered with tales of brother-killing-brother to protect the right to be king.

So that is the history of mankind; seeking freedom from domination, seeking control, seeking power to maintain control, seeking power to exert control, seeking even greater control, seeking greater power to exert even great control, obtaining greater power only to find that power corrupts because it awakens the ingrained, innate nature that infected the race of humans that traces back to the children of Lucifer, who in time mingled with the descendants of Adam and Eve (who were created without the infection of Self, just like their predecessors, the “angels” who were created by and served “the Word of God” on the original paradisaical home planet of most life forms, including humans. It’s location, size, and character is unknown, but it was the source of the explorers and civilizers of other worlds, including Earth).


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