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Science Theory: Sudden Evolution

PART I spring 2010

There’s a mention in the Bible book of Exodus of an occasion when the Israelites were battling for territory in Palestine. An Hebrew commander spotted a stranger standing and observing the combat, and demanded of him, “Are you with us or against us?”  Those were the only conceivable possibilities, but in reality there was a third.  His answer was, “No! But I am a messanger from the most high God.” I relate that story to the discussion of evolution vs Intelligent Design.  Each side assumes there are only 2 boxes to choose from, but in fact there is a third.  It starts by stating that both theories are wrong, but not completely, and both theories are correct, but not completely.  Here’s how.
There never existed an analogy to the third possibility until the rise of Google.  Google holds an incomprehensible amount of information and it is almost all available to access, but it requires very special equipment (internet access devices).  Likewise, there exists (in the metaphysical dimension) a repository of infinite “information” and biological design possibilities and that information can be accessed -but only under unusual or extraordinary circumstances, and usually only on a subconscious level.  It is from that realm that biological life draws solutions to pressing problems,  and the energy from that realm can result in adjustments to the DNA of reproductive cells, resulting in biological alterations that take perhaps only a generation -or two.  Sudden Evolution.

This is design improvement through the influence of the energy of the cosmic “intelligence” that can alter biological matter on the atomic or chromosomal level.  Creatures are capable of sub-consciously perceiving things that would help them survive/thrive/mate. That perception is experienced as a sub-conscious desire, and the energy of that desire can have a positive impact on their reproductive cells, which can enhance a physical feature of their offspring.  It gets even more interesting to contemplate that the same process is possible in the plant realm, resulting in total interdependence between certain plants and insects which can’t survive without each other.  Their adaptation evolved simultaneously.
Of course it can’t be assumed that there isn’t more (perhaps much more) to it than that.  While it explains evolutionary adaptation, it doesn’t explain the sudden rise of entirely new species.
Regarding humans, the connection with the metaphysical realm reaches the conscious level when one has an epiphany, a sudden realization of an ingenious solution to a vexing problem (like Einstein had with the theory of relativily, and numerous inventors who had a sudden realization of the solution to a design problem, [often while dreaming] resulting in inventions that changed the world) or an inspired piece of music or song.  Sting experienced an unforgettable song that came to him in his sleep, which he wrote down while only half awake.  The next morning he awoke to having most of his hit song “Every Move You Make”.  The “psychic” realm also includes things like pre-cognition and clairvoyance, which involves knowing things that one has no way to know.  Identical twins experience it more than non-twins.
So it could be said to incorporate “intelligent” design (though without an active designer) with optimized evolution being the result.   This third theory might be called “intelligent evolution”.   It throws out active manipulation by a Supreme Being, and also throws out random, unintelligent evolution. The energy of the metaphysical knowledge/intelligence/design is like a limitless cosmic google whose mindless robotic influence advances all evolutionary changes.  This may sound strange to those locked in one of the first two boxes, but the more one considers it, the more it will be seen to fill the holes in both of those theories.  Although it sounds strange, remember that it is a very strange universe that we live in, and we know essentially zero about dimensions other than the usual, measurable three.

PART II  summer 2011

The issue of the origins of species is divided into the two camps of evolution and creationism or intelligent design.  It is universally assumed that those two views are the only ones that exist, but there is a third possibility which I am proposing today.  It is based on two new ideas;  1. Object X,  and  2. M.O.O.D.D  Metaphysical,  Omnipresent, Omniscient Data-bank of Design.  Think of it in terms of the internet “Cloud”.  The Cloud holds all the data and applications one applies on their computing devices and they are accessed invisibly, wirelessly, like tapping into universal search engine data-bases which hold all the knowledge one is looking for and the searching device doesn’t.

The influence of these two forces may explain most that is currently unexplainable.  It will sound like pure science fiction but it doesn’t belong in the category of the unbelievable when you consider that what is seen and not seen in the fossil record is also unbelievable/ unexplainable from the stand point of both evolution and creationism.

Somethings that can’t be seen are nevertheless real, such as anything microscopic, or invisible, like radiation (other than visible light), magnetism, gravity, as well as something that we know exists but which we can’t see.  We can only see a reflection of it.  But if a person was created out of nothing in a world without mirrors or other living beings, it would be impossible to grasp reading of the existence of the human cornea.  It is totally invisible as if it weren’t not even there.  We look right through it but it doesn’t seem like it even exists because there is no distortion nor cloudiness nor flaws of any kind to reveal its presence.  Yet if one gets a speck of dirt under the eye-lid the cornea then sure makes its existence known.  Because it is real, even though it’s “invisible” to us.
So it is with the Forth Dimension.  It’s there, it’s just as real, and just as invisible.  It is a meta-physical dimension, non-corporeal, existing only in various forms of energy, energy that is manifested in at least four areas; 1. Personality, (think; The Exorcism)  2.)  4th Dimensional Experience (out-of-body)  3. Information, & Perception,  4.) Design & Structure

For this screed I’m only going to focus on Information and Design.  The evidence of the Information aspect of the Meta-physical Dimension (MD) is the easiest aspect to employ to establish the rational belief that the other aspects also therefore might exist.
The informational aspect is revealed by the phenomenons of clairvoyance, telepathy, and pre-cognition; knowing things by psychic perception or knowing that an event is going to happen before it does.  Deja-vu is a close cousin experience wise, though of a whole different nature which is related to the past, it would seem, rather than the future.  The psychic connection between twins, memories of events experienced by some one who died years ago.  Psychic phenomenon has been extensively written about for over 100 years and there must be well over 100 enlightening books written over the years.  So either you know of its reality or you don’t.  Ignorance can be fixed, but dogmatic rejection of anything that can’t be seen is harder to correct.

Now lets start from the position that the Meta-physical Dimension does exist.  What might be its influence on life in our dimension?  We know that life is a form of energy this is not understood in the least.  And we know from the laws of physics that there is no such thing as destruction of energy, it merely changes form, or…changes dimensions.
In the MD there exists a kind of  omnipresent “data bank” of all information, all laws of nature, all laws of life, and all principles of design, relating to all entities, whether they be  inanimate objects or  living organisms. The former would be related to mathematics and the principles of esthetics, form, structure, function, color, strength, and useability.
The latter, living organisms, would be related to the areas of micro-biology, genetics,  DNA principles, epi-genetics, etc.

The MD is like a Universal Google, a Library-of-Alexandria, repository of everything.  It contains all designs of everything in all possible variations.  Everything in mathematics, physics, molecular biology, music & melody,  abstract concepts, and most importantly, design. Design is what is behind all life on earth, in every form, in every era, in every manifestation.  From viruses to blue whales, it’s all about design & structure, whether it be on the atomic level or the macro body-design level.  DNA and epi-genetics affect all forms of life, but what affects DNA and epi-genes?  What are the factors and forces that can alter them?
We know well that environmental influences can be harmful to them and result in negative alterations and degradation.  But what isn’t known nor realized is that “need” can also influence them.  A very serious physical need will always come with an openness to and “desire” for a solution to a deficiency or threat.  Higher forms of life will experience that desire as a conscious or sub-conscious craving, a craving for relief, or for a missing capability.
Micro-organisms will experience that craving in a way that we know nothing about.  But the result of that energy, that desire, that craving is that it can result in becoming in tune with the energy from the MD which contains the solution to the problem or deficiency.

This is most easily realized by what has been seen in the ability of viruses, like the HIV which causes AIDS, as well as other organisms that have developed immunity to most or all drugs. Their ability to adapt is evidence that isn’t explainable by creationism nor the slow processes of evolution. Something takes place quickly and it doesn’t involve the interfering intelligence of a focused thinking spirit.  Rather it involves the” intelligence” of the M.O.O.D.D.  There is something akin to a download from the MD to the desperate organism which is then incorporated into its programming.  You can believe it or don’t, but nothing else can or ever will explain it.

Now lets jump to the macro-level.  Dinosaurs!  Where the hell did they come from, or the major life forms that preceded them but were annihilated by an extinction event?  Why and how could they appear so suddenly (as seen in the fossil record) already fully formed?, – including organisms that haven’t changed in hundreds of millions of years?
The sudden appearance of a multiplicity of life forms, in the face of zero change in life-forms ever since the appearance of the earliest specimens, is evidence that something caused an abrupt and rapid evolution of organisms at a pace that we simply can’t understand.  But we can speculate.  So I shall.

When a massive star went super-nova, blowing itself up and seeding our area of the galaxy with material for the formation of our solar system, its core did not disintegrate completely, like the matter that surrounded it, but sections of it remained intact.  I’ll refer to one fragment as Object X.  It contained all sorts of radiation producing elements.

Radiation alters DNA.  That chunk of core is on a very, very, very long orbit that takes it near the earth every tens or hundreds of millions of years.  When that last happened, conditions existed on earth which we know nothing about which made the form of radiation that Object X emitted a stimulant to growth and development, not just in an ordinary way, but in a way that tapped into the M.O.O.D.D, drawing on an unlimited reservoir of possibilities for unique, clever, capable, and ingenious developments in the design of the creatures affected.  Once the fragment was out of the vicinity of earth, that influence ended and change reverted back to the slow pace seen in normal times.

Why or how did conditions on earth allow for a positive growth result from the unknown radiation?  That is a question for free-thinkers that are expert in the fields of science related to life.  But thinking outside the box will be required.  If knowledgeable experts view this as pure science fiction, my response is that the whole field of astro-physics today is being propelled by pure science fiction thinking as well.  And at the very least, maybe a great sci-fi motion picture will someday be based on “THE RETURN of OBJECT X.

Of course it is just as possible that the life-altering force was some mysterious influence that came from the earth itself, but the point to consider is that there actually was a mysterious force, whatever it was, or wherever it came from.

by Adrien Nash 8-20-2011


One Comment
  1. zedoc wrote:
    The great secret of science is that it cannot possibly be used to explain existence. While it can do a good job of describing or explaining changes, it cannot describe or explain origin.
    The reason scientists describe the changes taking place in the universe during minute fractions of the first second, but never describe T=0 itself, is because they must PRESUME that something came from nothing as a first postulate. They must postulate it because something coming from nothing cannot possibly be true. It isn’t scientific. At a minimum, some law, some physical law, is required to exist at T=0. And a law is not nothing.

    Mathematically, an infinite quantity is inevitably generated – a “singularity” – and science and math cannot define infinite quantities.Moving the infinite quantity around by postulating infinitely thin ” ‘branes” or infinitely long “superstrings” doesn’t solve the conundrum. It just moves the infinite quantity around. It is tempting to try to understand an infinite quantity as being mathematical, but larger in number. But it isn’t. It’s more than that.
    Logically, it is inescapable that the dimensions of space and time and energy that comprise our universe are a necessarily a smaller part of a larger dimension, something greater and different and not at all subservient to either, “conscious awareness,?” Maybe. It must be capable of establishing and enforcing a physical law.

    Scientist are people, maybe. People need food and shelter, therefore money to pay for them. Better is better, bigger is better still. Once addicted to stuff, money becomes the score medium since we don’t know what we may want next. More is desired, leading to the want for the comfort of enough. How much is enough, who knows (requires an individual answer). We embrace the evil love of money because of the real fear of dearth. This evil (love) exists as evil because it replaces caring love as a motivator.

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